Redesign Update: LIVE EXAMPLE

I have tweaked some things and all went better than expected… I have made the changes necessary to have a working live page on our test server. You can check out this page at:

This is using Salt Lake’s current data. Currently I am using our YouTube feed for the videos as it appears no one else really makes new videos. The YouTube option may be something reserved for the main distance ed site for now. What I currently pull is from a playlist, so the other option is that I can post videos to a “Salt Lake” playlist on our YouTube channel and only those would show up in the Salt Lake feed. The other option is to cancel out the YouTube channel all together from the feeds and if you want to post videos, just post via YouTube as those show up in the feed anyway.

For now I think I will leave off YouTube videos from the campus sites as they mainly pertain to the main distance ed site. Either way you can see a working example at the link above.

Also remember that you can have a different left menu for the quick access links than you do on the rest of your pages.


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