Viewing a Cached Copy of a Webpage with Google

Have you ever wanted to roll back the clock. Maybe to a time when you were younger, more fit, and had more energy. I know I have. Now Google can’t help you with that, but it can roll back the clock on the internet. Google automatically caches copies of each webpage it scrapes. It does this for many reasons that are unimportant to us, but it can be helpful to see how things were. The resulting view is not always perfect, but neither is time travel.

Step One: Search for Your Site

Simply go to google and search for your site. I am using Tooele as my example so I am searching for USU Tooele in my Google search. The website should be the top result. Hit the quite large double arrow to the right of the search result as shown here. Then click on “Cached”.

Step Two: You’re Done

And that’s pretty much it. You can now review the old links and add them back to your new homepage menu in case you forgot to do so. Who said time travel wasn’t possible?


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