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Orientation is Live

The new orientation is up and running as well as the ability for everyone to create their own. I would suggest that everyone who will be involved in creating the campus orientations go through the entire main campus orientation to decide what they can/can’t use from it as well as to plan what content they will need for the campus orientations. Every orientation will be found at:


Main campus orientation is found at However because orientations do not exist for the campuses yet, if you go to them you will be sent to the main campus orientation. In order for the orientations to work you must first create an orientation in the new orientation builder. Because there is plenty of time to create these orientations before Fall semester please take your time in speaking with the advisers and others at your campuses and planning the content you need to make. Chris would like these orientations to be no longer than 30 minuets so please try to keep them as short as possible. The current orientation may be shortened some as Chris makes further adjustments. Please use discretion when making pages in order to keep the orientations from getting too long. Below I will provide instructions on how to manage site orientations, but they are pretty self explanatory and easy to use. Continue reading


CMS Backend Changes

Currently I am in the process of moving our current CMS to the new application. There isn’t a ton of the CMS that will be changing, but there will be some added features that should make your life easier. In order to prepare you for these changes, I’d like to just cover the direction we are headed. The goal with these changes, as with many of the changes we are making in the applications we work with, is to provide a single place for all users to log in and do their work, in addition to provide added functionality and stability to the applications overall.

Page Editor

The new CMS will all be in one place. There are pros and cons to having in page editing in addition to a CMS back-end. However the manner in which the front-end page editing was done actually added work in the back-end and the only benefit was that it was easy to find the page you wanted to edit and you could sort of see what the page would actually look like. All content editing when we make the change will happen entirely from within the CMS back-end. News/Spotlights, Left Menus, Page Content, etc. From the page editor you will have a link to easily view the page on the website. What we will gain from the page editor being in the back-end is you will now be able to see ALL of the pages on your sites. Hopefully this will prompt you to remove some unused pages if there are any. The new page editor will allow you to create any URL want as well. You won’t be limited to just one folder deep, or asking me to make a folder for you. You can make your URLs whatever you want them to be. Also, all of our page content will be located in the database, which means when server upgrades happen or anything like that, no page content will be lost. Here is a screen shot of the development version of the new page editor.

Page Editor

CMS Page Editor

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