Mind the Media Manager

So I’ve finished the media manager. You actually have a lot of power at your finger tips too… I’ve given you the ability to upload new media, delete old media, rename old media, and replace old media with updated files. This gives you the ability to break things. I will try to add some more stuff to lock it down a bit more, but I don’t want to restrict your abilities too much, because I think the more freedom you have to do things, the easier time you will have. Here are a few things to keep in mind when managing your media.

  • Don’t delete an image or pdf unless you are sure you don’t need it. You can only see files in for your website, but just be sure you aren’t creating a dead link.
  • When replacing an old file with a new one, be sure it is the same file type. (pdf for pdf, xls for xls, etc.) You can change it afterwards, but this will help avoid problems.
  • When renaming a file be sure not to change the file type or remove it all together. If it doesn’t have an extension, it won’t work.
  • Images may be larger than they appear. Click on the image to see it full-size. Please don’t upload images that are huge in size. (visually/physically). If you need help saving a file to a smaller file size let me know. The easiest way in Photoshop is to go to File->Save for Web & Devices. At the top click on 4-Up. You will see four options with their associated sizes and quality. Pick the smallest size that still looks decent. I am thinking of showing file sizes in the media manager so we can all go through and do this. If a file is HUGE we should download it, save it for web, and replace the old one. Large images = long load times = hurts Google SEO rankings.
  • I would probably not delete ANY banner images. Even if the spotlight is over, you can still view past spotlights in which case the image would be missing.
  • In the future you will be able to use previously saved files for Banners. All in good time.

I would like everyone to do some house-keeping here as well. If there are files in here that are garbage… let’s get rid of them. I know I’ve recently added some workload to all of you, but there is no rush with getting the images cleaned up. Mainly I’d like to first focus on getting all of your pages saved in the database. Then you can work on getting these images cleaned up. Again… removing un-needed duplicates. At a later date I think we’ll worry about getting the file sizes shrunk down.


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