CMS Forms

So I’ve finished up some coding this week and I am going to write a few posts just covering those items and some other requests that I have come across so they are written down for reference. The form builder has been ported over to the new CMS. It works about the same. I removed a few things you may not even notice though. One thing I removed was the option to create a numeric text field. I thought this was silly, so there is just the options for normal text field (short) and longer text area.

You can retrieve the form data on the same page. Just scroll to the bottom of the form and click on the “View Form Data” if there is any data that is. It will then output the data on the screen and you can download it in an excel file if you wish as well as clear the form.

In order to embed the form on a page just type in ||form(#)|| where the # is the number of the form. The number of the form can be easily found in the URL on the form builder page. Just look at the URL and it will be the number found at the end of the URL.

Other Options

Honestly our form builder is pretty bad. It’s limited in the way it can display the data to the user as well as the data that comes back in the database. I would HIGHLY suggest you use Google Docs to build your forms and then embed on the web pages. Honestly no one will know the difference. If you use one of the simpler themes, they go relatively well with our website too. To embed a form on the site, you need to get the code from the Google Doc. When you are logged into Google Docs and viewing the spreadsheet version of the form, click on Form->Embed for in a webpage. A pop-up will come up and you can copy and paste the code it gives your straight into our page editors when looking at them in HTML view. The only thing you will need to change in the code is to change the width to 700 and the height to 800. That is about the sweet spot that I have found.

Google does a better job at outputting the data and giving you charts and graphs to view the data. I don’t have any desire to duplicate something Google has built so I suggest you use that when you can. If you need any help embedding forms, just let me know and I can help out. Again, please use a simple theme, no need to get cute with a form.



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