Frequently Asked Question

I have made some changes to the Frequently Asked Questions portion of our CMS to hopefully aid in the usability of this feature. Basically the FAQ is now able to be organized by topic and it is also searchable by students. When I say it is now able to do these things, I mean it will be in a few weeks. It is currently set up on the main distance site at The FAQ only has a few questions in it currently, but over the next few weeks we are going to populate the FAQ with questions we have received from our Request for Information form requests and Live Chat requests.

The FAQ feature will be then placed on all of the websites, in the [] page as it is on the distance site. Any FAQs that you make on your site will be searchable in the FAQ as well as questions from the main campus FAQ. Any questions that we create here that apply to all students at all campuses will be marked as such and searchable in your FAQ pages. Any questions that apply only to students here on the Logan campus, will not be searchable on your sites FAQ. We are going to be reviewing questions on your FAQs, if you have them, and if they apply to all students we will remove them from your FAQ and add them to the global FAQ list to be indexed and searchable by all campus sites.

If you have a FAQ already, no real action is necessary at this time. The only thing that will need to be done is to add categories to your FAQ items. Currently all of your FAQs have been placed in a General category. You can get as granular as you like with the categories, but placing them in categories will help people search through them better. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you do not build any faq questions, your FAQ will simply contain all of the global FAQ items that we come up with. If you would like to submit questions to the FAQ, please email me with common questions that you get from students.


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