The Menus had Children

Finally, the ability to add sub-menu items to your left menus has arrived. You will notice the next time you go into the CMS, the menu manager looks very different. It functions however, in very much the same way. When you are first looking at a menu, the only thing you will see will be the link text for each menu item. These can be rearranged as they always have been. However in addition to simply changing the order, if you drop one of the items on below and to the right of another item, it will make that a sub-menu item. It will be offset a bit to the right as well.

In order to see that menu item on the website, the user will first have to click on its parent and it will drop down. If the user is looking at the parent menu item, or a page included as one of its children, that menu will automatically be expanded and visible on the website. You can see this functionality on the website currently.

In order to edit the text or link of a menu item, click on the small plus sign to drop down the options. You can no longer change the menu item type, i.e. you cannot change a menu item that is a internal link to an external link or file. You will have to delete it and add another. Also, existing file menu items are still there, but in the coming days will be removed. The file menu item will no longer exist and will need to be input simply as an external link.

Menus can only be on level deep. I may add the functionality to have more than one level deep, but for right now, that’s it. This should allow now for greater flexibility in your left menu navigation. On the distance site, I now have a single menu for almost all of the pages. The menu automatically expands based on the page the user is on and allows for consistent navigation throughout the website. I suggest you look at your current navigation scheme and decide how you can make it more consistent. I may be going through the websites in the coming days and making tweaks to better improve the usability.

As always, if you have any questions about using this new functionality, please simply drop me a line or call.


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