Best Practices

It’s going to be hard to separate my personal beliefs I’ve held in my profession for years and those I am trying to read about today. While not an avid blogger, I’ve been involved in many blogs for years because of my profession. So without any particular order, the list.

Search Engine Optimization

While this encompasses and effects much of what you do on your blog, I think it’s almost the most important. You write a blog to get read, and generally to get read it must get found. Taking into account how search engines find your work and rank it will dramatically affect how you go about blogging.

Content is King (

I’m going to lump a few tips into one here. People come to your blog to get to your content, and as such, some things matter much less. What that is depends on your blog. I don’t care much about the design, pictures or writing style of the progamming blogs I read. I care about the clarity and examples. If I were a photographer I would care much less about the words and more about the images. When I read sports blogs I care much more about the creative writing style and images than I do in some other areas. Think about your auidence, why they are there, and whatever content they are looking for. Make that content king.

Involve Readers (

I think one of the other most important thing is involving the readers. There are a few blogs I’ve visited where I can’t comment on the posts. This can be bad when I have questions or would like clarity on topics covered. It’s not needed for every setting, but in most cases, comments can’t hurt.


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