Educational Blogs

Most of the internet I frequent I would consider to be educational blogs. At least, they way I see it, blogs that teach or train would be educational, not just blogs that focus on traditional education. In fact this blog I am posting to is one I used to teach the webmasters I worked with how to use our system and to perform their tasks. I don’t aspire to be a teacher so I think these are much more applicable to my career. Though, some of these blogs are used in conjunction with or referenced from training I have attended.

I think the most useful thing about blog software in regards to teaching is the ease in which teachers can show examples and answer questions or otherwise interact with students and have the thoughts of all shared with everyone. It’s pretty great actually. One of my favorite is Norman Nielsen’s article blogs. ( Sure he calls them articles, but if you read through them they are pretty much in blog format and do a great job of teaching as well as selling their services.

Ben Nadal ( is a great example of sharing his skills and expertise through his blogs. He never hesistates to interact with his readers, follow up on their questions, and touch on trending topics.

Smashing Magazine ( has daily articles as well which resemble NNG’s posts above. In all these example they provide what amounts to free training for those interested.


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