Instructor Walk-Through

We have developed a web application for USU instructors to access some pertinent information about their courses as well as submit and approve a few items before they teach. This system informs instructors of the status of their courses, payment information, as well as requests from them their syllabus and textbook information. This walk-through is for instructors and how they use their system.



After they login they are presented with their dashboard which shows them some quick information about their courses and information we have on file for them. Also included in their dashboard are helpful contact information and some links to common USU services. When instructors are ready to view their course details they can click on one of their courses in the list or click on “Course Info” in the main navigation.


Course Info

Once at the Course Info screen, each course they have been assigned to teach will be listed by term. One each row the instructor can see the course information including enrollment, location, delivery method, payment details, syllabus, textbooks, and materials submission. On the left side of the course information, the status is indicated by an icon. The course status changes as it is approved by USU, submitted to banner, the textbooks are submitted and finally published.



A syllabus must be on file for every course to display to the students prior to registration. The system will check in Canvas for an active syllabus and use that one if it exists. If none exists, or you want to display a different syllabus to students looking into the class, you can upload one here. Often times instructors upload a syllabus without specific dates so they can reuse the same one every semester. Once a syllabus is either in Canvas or submitted you can view the syllabus from here as well.



Textbooks are also required by law to be on file for students at the time of registration. We cannot assume you want to use the same textbooks from last year and even if no text is required you must submit a textbook order saying no text is required. If you have not submitted your textbooks there will be a submission button on the screen. If you have, a link to view the textbook order will be in the place of the button.


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