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Degree Vanity URLs

As promised I am posting the list of vanity URLs that I have created. These “may” change but for now these are them. You can download the Degree Url┬áif you like. If you just go to your website and click on a degree, you will see the URL as well. Continue reading


Create Short and Clean URLs

URL naming in our CMS is currently a little tricky. If you just create a new page naturally using the CMS, without putting much thought into how the back-end code is working, you can get some really funky page names that can sometimes be the opposite of what you want. Before I dish out the goods, let me quickly explain not how, but why the URLs are created the way they are.


Somewhere, sometime in the past, web developers realized that websites can get really huge. Especially e-commerce sites and blog sites. In fact, especially blog sites. You can get hundreds and hundreds of blog posts. All these blog posts are stored in a database somewhere and each one has an id number. In order for a user to find a post, they might type in a URL like: This link might bring up the post with the ID of 54 from the database and display it on the page. That is simple enough. It sure beats actually creating 54 different pages. You can just create one page and pull the content from a database.

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