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Course Search Direct Link

InĀ preparationĀ for getting rid of the course search “button” and using just a regular course search link in the left navigation menu (and anywhere else you want to add the link), I have updated the course search application to have the ability to directly link with a selected campus. While the search forms on your home page currently search for courses using the campus they are sent from, the course search button just goes to the course search page and prompts the user to select a campus.

course search prompt

You can avoid this step now.

It seems like everyone is on board with making the course search just a standard left navigation link rather than a “button.” I really feel this will be more apparent to students. While the graphics may stand out more, it is counterproductive because it doesn’t act like everything else on the page. A common theme with web design is this:

Buttons should look and act like buttons. Links should look and act like links.

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