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Degree Program Banners

I know the webmasters have been asking for this for a while… and they are almost done. You can see one of these banners right now as we are doing a push for the MSHR cohort that starts this Spring. The banner is posted on your websites as of right now. These banners, one for each degree, will be posted to SmugMug very very soon. Promise. On a side note, there are a total of three banners posted to your sites currently from our office, maybe four. If you NEED a spot, please let me know and I can take one down. All four are pretty important, but I understand if you need the space, so just email me.

I have a few tips for you as well. These deal with spotlights and the orientation.

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The Missing Link

It has been brought to my attention there are some common dead links on some of the sites. The most common one is the contact the webmaster link and the other that is missing on some sites is the contact us link. Both of these links are found in the footer of the websites on all pages at the bottom right corner. I think almost everyone does have the Contact Us link working, but I thought when I checked a while back some were not. I know a ton of sites, I dare to say all of them, have broken webmaster links.

This most likely stemmed from the way these were initially setup in the first place. I’ll explain where these two links are pointing to and how to fix them.

How to Tell Where The Links Point

If you hover over either link in most browsers (my example uses Firefox) you should see a tiny bit of text show up in the bottom left corner of your browser that shows the link location. You can see where these two links point to in the screen shots below:


Contact Us


So the first link ends in a / which means it is looking for an index.cfm file in the contact directory. The Webmaster link is looking for a webmaster.cfm file in the contact directory. If you click on one of them and it doesn’t exist then you need to make the one that does not exist.

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